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Knowledge Exchange Information Technology

KEIT is an international IT and Software Services company providing exceptional experiences to customers around the world from its five offices in Saudi Arabia , UAE , Jordan , Egypt and Poland . Over 500 organizations rely daily on KEIT 100+ employees for superior Software Development and Customer Operations services, as well as innovative Business Solutions. KEIT continuous commitment to excellence is backed by talented specialists that focus on achieving our customers’ goals and exceeding expectations. Innovation | Talent | Excellence

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Research & Development

  Power BI is an analytics and reporting software, which can be used to easily analyze, visualize and present your organization’s business data.

IT Services

  KEIT is a full-service IT Solutions Provider, meaning we can work with you to ensure the success of all your technologies.

Enterprise Content Management

  It’s not enough to “manage” content. The ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important. Content must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals.

Enterprise Digital Fax

  Thousands of organizations depend on RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that keep protected content private and secure, speed up their business processes and increase the security of their fax transmissions.

Business Process Management

  BPM : is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources, and using software applications throughout the organization.

Enterprise Correspondence Management

  Timely response to incoming and outgoing correspondence is a crucial element of every business, but it’s chaotic in nature and multiple formats often turn correspondence management into a challenge.

ERP Services

  The next generation of business applications unleash the potential of your organization by ...

Enterprise Project Management Solutions

  The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution streamlines the governance and execution of portfolios of projects throughout their life cycles – from proposal to post-implementation tracking of results.

Low Code Development Platform

  Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

Robotic Process Automation

  The world is moving towards building new processes. This has fueled the absolute necessity for automation. Every organization, big or small, is aiming to automate its business processes in a way that it complements the manual strategizing and processes remain uninterrupted. Robotic Process Automation is a new-age technological marvel that is being utilized by enterprises to automate their tasks and process.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Power BI is an analytics and reporting software, which can be used to easily analyze, visualize and present your organization’s business data.

Intelligent ChatBot Platform

  Our Intelligent ChatBot Platform empowers businesses

Case Studies

How Kuwait’s Ministry of Education Transitioned To Use Microsoft’s World-Class Productivity Tools

With the education of more than 500,000 students on the line in Kuwait, the country’s Ministry of Education turned to Microsoft Office 365, and particularly Microsoft Teams. As a result, the MoE ensured that students could access a high-quality education online, while also ensuring the security and safety of these new online environments, and trained more than 80,000 teachers and 29,000 school staff to serve students effectively despite the turn to remote learning.

Heathrow Uses Microsoft Power BI To Deliver Airport Calm

Travel can be stressful, especially when flights are canceled or plans change. Heathrow Airport is using Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure to make travel less nerve-wracking for the airport’s 80 million daily passengers. Heathrow uses Azure to pull data out of back-end business systems and push it to Power BI, which shows employees at a glance and in real-time how airport passenger traffic is changing so they can prepare. By using data to understand its business better than ever before, Heathrow is transforming the travel experience.

Democratizing Application Development Inside Microsoft With The Power Platform

Leveraging the very platform that the Business Application Group uses to build and deliver applications to market, the group tapped into the robust capabilities of Power Platform to solve its own internal business problem and enable its goal of digital transformation. The BAG Ops team developed a centralized data hub that enables individual teams to build multiple applications—each with its own development cycles and roadmaps—while leveraging the same key data elements through a shared data model.

How OnBase ensures Medicaid transportation customer satisfaction.

OnBase associates a member’s ride schedule with all other appropriate personal and appointment information, providing Priority Health staff with a complete view of member information in one central location. By using the Medicaid ID number as a keyword, staff may easily search for previous transportation requests or confirm a name and location of a doctor.

Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis Using Smart Automation.

Senior Npower employees needed a way to quickly deploy a new process that allowed their employees to access their servers remotely. And because security was the most important, it had to work the first time and be bug-free. Drawing on its vast experience, Npower's automation team has created and deployed an RSA security token system, powered by Blue Prism's smart automation, in which employees have been up and running in just two weeks.

How Alaska Health Benefited From OpenText.

Largest tribal health organization connecting more than 140,000 patients with care using OpenText ™ CX-E Voice.

Customer and employee engagement using BluePrism.

A prime example is customer billing special handling requests, which generate hundreds of thousands of transactions annually. These transactions could result in delayed or corrected bills for customers.



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The Auto Club Group (ACG)

Gopal Padinjaruveettil, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, The Auto Club Group
"We truly believe that customer experience and customer trust are key brand differentiators. To achieve that customer experience, you need a strong digital identity management system as the foundation. We believe that foundation is provided by OpenText."

San Diego State University

Kathleen Sullivan, Voicemail Administrator, San Diego State University
"With an average of up to 200,000 calls a week, we needed a system that could reliably handle such a high call volume and provide a platform for growth. CX-E was the only solution that fit the bill"

Eurowings Airline

Uwe Kolmitz, Chief IT Officer at Flight OPS, Eurowings
"With all features implemented and working as envisaged, the project has been a great success. This is not just down to OpenText Exceed TurboX, but also the support and knowledge of OpenText personnel, from account management, through consultancy and support, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with OpenText."