Azure Arc
  • 2021-04-04

Azure Arc helps companies get a handle on hybrid IT management

How companies dealt with hybrid IT management


In the past, businesses ran workloads and apps exclusively in their own on-premises data centers. Now, they run hundreds to thousands of apps on diverse hardware and multiple clouds. Many businesses must also maintain some operations on-premises for regulatory or other reasons.




How Azure Arc change the hybrid IT management



These hybrid configurations provide fresh opportunities, but they also create more complexity. This presents a thorny challenge as companies look to manage diverse IT environments at scale without slowing down innovation.



The Microsoft Azure cloud was designed to be hybrid from day one. Last year, Microsoft enabled customers to simplify hybrid management with Azure Arc, a bridge to help companies run Azure services across environments and clouds while maintaining consistent management and security.



Businesses that have adopted Azure Arc have realized real-life advantages in development, deployment, and ongoing management that are helping organizations focus on their core missions.


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