Accenture and SAP Emphasize
  • 2021-04-05
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63 Percent of CEOs Say Tech Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges. But as we rebuild businesses, there is an incredible opportunity to re-wire the global economy towards a more sustainable future by harnessing technology and responding to consumer and investor pressure,” said Harry Morrison, Managing Director Sustainability Strategy and Services, Accenture. “CEOs need to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into corporate decision making and business systems.”



“Delivering on our SDG Ambitions will be crucial to lay a strong foundation for the future of our communities and the environment. We are proud to partner with United Nations Global Compact Network on this journey,” said Anita Varshney, Global Vice President, Sustainability, SAP. “Technologies will accelerate this transformation, driving responsible production and consumption towards low-carbon, circular economies.

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