Robotic Process Automation
  • 2021-03-28
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Hyland Named a Strong Performer in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by Independent Research Firm

The report features key industry trends driving the increased demand for RPA and essential capabilities organizations should look for within an RPA solution, including the ability to deliver rich experiences for business leaders, provide integrations to RPA-adjacent technologies, and empower a superior scaling experience. The Forrester report acknowledges Hyland’s strategic approach integrating RPA into its content services platform and intelligent automation solutions that solve industry-specific challenges with RPA, process orchestration, low-code capabilities, and advanced integrations with external systems. Hyland received the highest score possible in the following criteria:




John Phelan, EVP and chief product officer at Hyland, explained the value of RPA for organizations across industries: “In order to excel in the evolving business climate and compete with innovative start-ups that are born digital, organizations need to embrace intelligent automation, allowing digital workers to perform repetitive, tedious work and allocating employees to higher priority tasks that elevate and improve customer experience. We see RPA as a natural extension of an organization’s intelligent automation strategy and vision. By incorporating RPA into a best-in-class content services platform, organizations quickly streamline processes, achieve faster ROI, and enable end-to-end automation.”







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