Enterprise Correspondence Management


Timely response to incoming and outgoing correspondence is a crucial element of every business, but it’s chaotic in nature and multiple formats often turn correspondence management into a challenge.


Out Correspondence Management Solution (CMS) ensures seamless and cost-effective management of incoming and outgoing correspondence that helps organizations deliver great customer experience, ensuring process efficiencies and compliance :


•Simple registration and correspondence management processes.
•Fully compliant with the highest information security standards.
•Integration with any system and SMS gateway.
•Smart documents search and retrieval by predefined criteria.
•Real time and historical tracking for correspondence processes.
•Availability of a mobile application supporting both Android and IOS allowing you to create, register, view, search, approve and sign correspondences.
•Support of e-signature and digital signature.
•Notification and alerts based on pre-defined business rules.
•Multi- language support including English & Arabic with the ability to add more whenever needed.
•Improved efficiency and productivity.
• Availability of statistical reports and interactive dashboards.

- Document Classifications

- Optimization

- Document Repository

- Improve reliability

- Communications

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The Auto Club Group (ACG)

Gopal Padinjaruveettil, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, The Auto Club Group
"We truly believe that customer experience and customer trust are key brand differentiators. To achieve that customer experience, you need a strong digital identity management system as the foundation. We believe that foundation is provided by OpenText."

San Diego State University

Kathleen Sullivan, Voicemail Administrator, San Diego State University
"With an average of up to 200,000 calls a week, we needed a system that could reliably handle such a high call volume and provide a platform for growth. CX-E was the only solution that fit the bill"

Eurowings Airline

Uwe Kolmitz, Chief IT Officer at Flight OPS, Eurowings
"With all features implemented and working as envisaged, the project has been a great success. This is not just down to OpenText Exceed TurboX, but also the support and knowledge of OpenText personnel, from account management, through consultancy and support, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with OpenText."