Intelligent ChatBot Platform


Our Intelligent ChatBot Platform we empower businesses with conversational AI chatbots that help them nurture their relationship with the targeted audiences through a more satisfying user experience and achieve 2-3X higher sales rates.


With our state-of-the-art AI-powered engine, we build the most powerful Arabic chatbots that can understand users and instantly reply in Standard Arabic and different informal Arabic dialects as well as the English language.


With a population of over 411 million people in the MENA region, our AI bots will allow you to communicate efficiently with every potential or existing customer, despite their different dialects.


Our AI bots will allow you to communicate efficiently with every potential or existing customer, despite their different dialects :  Our CahtBots understand and speak 12 Arabic slangs , Modern Standard Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan & Lebanon.


We support the below Channels :

– Web
- Mobile Application .
– WhatsApp
– Twitter
– Facebook Messenger
– Telegram
– Slack
– Skype

- Dialogue Management

- WhatsApp Business Account

- Intent Parsing

- Arabic NLP

- Social Media Integration

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عملائنا السعداء

The Auto Club Group (ACG)

Gopal Padinjaruveettil, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, The Auto Club Group
"We truly believe that customer experience and customer trust are key brand differentiators. To achieve that customer experience, you need a strong digital identity management system as the foundation. We believe that foundation is provided by OpenText."

San Diego State University

Kathleen Sullivan, Voicemail Administrator, San Diego State University
"With an average of up to 200,000 calls a week, we needed a system that could reliably handle such a high call volume and provide a platform for growth. CX-E was the only solution that fit the bill"

Eurowings Airline

Uwe Kolmitz, Chief IT Officer at Flight OPS, Eurowings
"With all features implemented and working as envisaged, the project has been a great success. This is not just down to OpenText Exceed TurboX, but also the support and knowledge of OpenText personnel, from account management, through consultancy and support, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with OpenText."