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PoweApps By Microsoft
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Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Democratizing Application Development Microsoft With The Power Platform

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Leveraging the very platform that the Business Application Group uses to build and deliver applications to market, the group tapped into the robust capabilities of Power Platform to solve its own internal business problem and enable its goal of digital transformation. The BAG Ops team developed a centralized data hub that enables individual teams to build multiple applications—each with its own development cycles and roadmaps—while leveraging the same key data elements through a shared data model. With Microsoft Data verse, the hub enables faster development and digital transformation for the BAG both internally and for customers through a continuous, 360-degree flow that supports successful app development—from empowering people to achieve more, to gathering feedback, and then implementing optimizations and product enhancements. From there the cycle continues.

Step 1


Application development today can present numerous challenges, especially for large organizations with numerous teams working across various workflows and apps at once. With digitalization increasing rapidly, so has the pressure on teams to develop and maintain a multitude of applications to meet current needs. As central dev teams struggle to keep pace with growing demands, it becomes increasingly difficult to address the needs of individual business units and results in painfully long lead times.


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By democratizing app development, the hub enables teams to access the same backend data source and infrastructure to build additional applications while accelerating time to value. Data is centralized and readily accessible using a common framework that streamlines the entire app development process and allows for easy replication and reuse of existing app data. To date, there are 40+ business applications developed by dozens of teams running on the Power Platform-based hub—including high-yield, critical applications for release planning and customer implementations

Time To Upgrade

Step 3

Customer Satisfaction

The unique capabilities of Power Platform enable BAG Ops to achieve balance between agility and governance while achieving its goal of digital transformation. The hub is not only helping Microsoft’s internal development teams, but customers and partners to be even more successful in digitally transforming within their own organizations. With a centralized app development ecosystem, BAG has enabled teams to innovate on Power Platform faster and more freely.

Customer Satisfaction
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