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How Alaska Health benefited From OpenText

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The Alaska Tribal Health Association (ANTHC) is a nonprofit healthcare organization based in Anchorage, Alaska, that provides care throughout the state. As the largest and most comprehensive tribal health institution in the United States, and the second largest Alaska employer in the field of healthcare, ANTHC's mission is to provide the highest quality health services to Alaska Natives, with an average call volume of 85,000 per month, ANTHC needs a reliable, available and accessible automated attendance. Always manage and handle high volume calls efficiently and ensure uptime across all departments.

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Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) provides comprehensive medical and acute, specialty, primary, and behavioral healthcare services to Alaska Natives and Amerindians living in Alaska. ANMC is also home to one of America's most unique healthcare environments - a place where high-quality care and cutting-edge technology meet special cultural and traditional services and customer experiences.


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Parker selected OpenText™ CX-E Voice for several reasons. “With its long history of supporting top healthcare hospitals and clinics, CX-E was the only solution that could meet our stringent uptime requirements,” he said. “With such a high call volume, we needed a dependable system to ensure effective communication when lives are on the line. CX-E enables us to be that much more responsive to our more than 140,000 patients and their families.” CX-E was also the clear choice because it provided a seamless integration to ANTHC’s IT infrastructure with support for the organization’s existing Fujitsu PBX as well as for Avaya and Cisco, which were the vendor telephony switches ANTHC was migrating to at the same time. “CX-E enables us to explore what is new in mobile and voice applications without disrupting what we have today,” Parker said. “Interoperability and Centigram TUI (Telephone User Interface) in CX-E allowed for a smooth transition and minimal user training,” Parker added.

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CX-E delivers unified messaging to almost 2,500 ANTHC employees. This has led to greater levels of collaboration and gives employees the freedom to be away from their desks, knowing they have access to voicemails from any mobile device, email and the web. ANTHC offers its users a seamless unified messaging experience using a premise-based email system today—or cloud-based system in the future.

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